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'Wemark’ Real Estate Agent You Can Trust

‘Surrounded with beauty & peace’ discover your best new home with Wemark real estate agent, Adelaide.

About Us

  • Adelaide, capital of South Australia and a home to around 1 million people. Getting a home which is close to nature as well as your office is tough to find. Wemark is the solution to your problem.
  • Wemark is one of the top real estate agents in Adelaide. We advise in property procurement and management for Adelaide investors.
  • We have emerged through ingenuity, creativity and entrepreneurial thinking. We are an independently owned and operated company. We offer diversified real estate services and skills, in residential property & sales and property management. Our team is specialised and possess in-depth knowledge & understanding of the Adelaide market requirement. We understand our client’s requirements and provide them with quality advice and local knowledge.
  • Our motto is to save client’s time, money and aggravation while buying, selling or leasing out their property. We adhere to our client needs and guide them to achieve their desired real estate outcomes.
  • Wemark expertise in analysing the market trends and estimating market values, to ensure our client never pays too much. We have top professionals with exceptional marketing strategies to campaign for the property. From attracting and retaining eligible tenants, on time payments and an outstanding management report. Wemark ensures your experience with us is profitable and stress free.
  • Wemark is one of the leading real estate companies showcasing reliability, expertise and efficiency. You will deal with the best experts who complete the job on time, efficiently and affordably.

Our Best Properties For Sale

249b, Martins Rd, Parafield Gardens

  • $369,000 - $379,000
  • 3 bd
  • 2 ba

29, Orkney street, Ferryden park

  • $445,000 - $460,000
  • 3 bd
  • 2 ba

Investment Galore

  • $230,000-$240,000
  • 3 bd
  • 1 ba


  • $325,000 to $335,000

4A & 4B Harrow Street Dover Gardens

  • Contact Agent
  • 3 bd
  • 2 ba


  • EOI closes on 30 January 2019

Our Best Properties For Rent

Team Members

Parm Singh

Parm Singh Principal , Wemark

Parm SINGH is the principal & director at WEMARK REAL ESTATE. Parm brings extensive hospitality and facility management experience to WEMARK Real Estate.

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Paresh Shah

Paresh Shah Sales Specialist / Auctioneer , Wemark

My approach as a Land Agent and an Auctioneer is to selling real estate is completely different to most Agents, because I’m not trying to sell every house in the street or suburb, and I’ve taken a deliberate approach to the selling of a small or Large collection of property’s at any one time, so that I have the time to offer personal and individual service.

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Chirag Chavda

Chirag Chavda Sales Specialist , Wemark

For Chirag, Real Estate is not a profession but its passion and love. Chirag is a fully qualified Real Estate sales representative. Chirag has 15 years of experience in the customer service industry which enables him to build a good relationship with the client. Chirag possesses a fantastic team spirit and provides excellent customer service to his clients.o.

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At Wemark, you get the best advice vital for understanding the complexities of real estate. That’s what makes us the Best Real Estate Agent in Adelaide. We assist buyers in selecting appropriate real estate property based on their financial conditions.


Our experienced real estate agent in Adelaide are expert on latest marketing tools and techniques. As a licensed real estate agent, we provide the best-selling experience stress free.


Landlords are confident to have us market their property. We assist inexperienced tenants with a wide range of well-maintained rental accommodation at the best price.

Auction Bidding

Being the best real estate agent in Adelaide, we use our bidding skills to assist you in securing the best property at affordable price. We ensure stress and emotion free auctions for our clients.


Wemark enthusiastically and professionally manage the rental properties. We carry out the marketing process and try to get the suitable tenant.

Advices with Tips:

  • Keeping competitive price as per location will attract buyers: Price can be greatest motivator and can also be greatest deterrent. Buyers will come if the price is right or else rejects the proposal if price is too high. Our object is to prioritise the properties not as per the features but as per realistic prevailing price within the market place.
  • Prepare yourself to sale pre owned property: Before putting property in market, you should be mentally & emotionally strong. As when the offer comes, you might not be ready to sale your property. Although, time is money, it is not always true when your property is listed in market. So, before selling, nurture you mind and then look for an eager buyer.
  • Fix the small issues to fetch better price: Fixing small issues means reformat, expand or refurbish your home. Renovating property can improve lifestyle and adds value to it. This will enhance the returns on investment and achieve higher sale price for the property.