Smart Property Management


Maximise Your Property Investment Returns Through Smart Property Management


Owning a rental property can be a great experience, as it generates a steady income. However, a rental property generates income when a landlord has the best tenants. Managing a property can have its ups and downs because humans are unpredictable to manage. Every landlord wants to rent the property to someone who is responsible, pays rent on time and treats the property as if it’s their own.

Our mission is to make handling investment property stress free for you.

Property investors trust on the budget property management in and near Adelaide completely. Thus, it’s important for a manager to be equipped with the skills and systems to manage your property.

The amount of work involved in managing a property and its complexity is immeasurable.

  • Our objective is to take care of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of managing a property and enables the landlords to enjoy their freedom.
  • We act as a link between the owner & the tenant and offers the best advice related to rental property management in Adelaide and take 5.5% property management fees on gross trading. 
  • We have access to the National Tenancy Database which helps in identifying the poor rental history of applicants, one of the reasons which make us the best investment property management company in Adelaide.
  • We assist you with the marketing campaign in the property market in Adelaide that can give you the best competitive edge.
  • We try to increase the visibility of your property on certain websites to which landlords do not have access.
Benefits of hiring us as your property manager
# High-quality tenants
# Less legal problems
# Shorter periods of vacancy
# Long-term tenants
# More efficient rent collection
# Lower repair and maintenance costs
# Increase and maintain the value of your rental property



Professional Management Fee - 6.6% of Rental Amount

Letting Fee - 2.2 Weeks of rent

Monthly Administration Fee - $5.50

Lease Renewal Fee for Existing Tenants - $99

Tribunal Hearing Attendance - $55 Per Hour

Initial, Final & Quarterly Periodic Inspections - $16