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‘Maximise your property investment returns through smart property management’.

Owning a rental property can be a great experience, as it generates a steady income. However, a rental property generates income when a landlord has the best tenants. Managing a property can have its ups and downs because humans are unpredictable to manage. Every landlord wants to rent the property to someone who is responsible, pays rent on time and treats the property as if it’s their own.

Our mission is to make handling investment property stress free for you.

Property investors trust on the property management completely. Thus, it’s important for a manager to be equipped with the skills and systems to manage your property.

Services: Wemark, property management offers

  • Evaluate & determine accurate rent for property: Wemark performs detailed documentation and offer recommendations on repairs etc for good return on investment. We gather the data of rental rates prevailing in the property market in Adelaid.
  • Market the property: We provide detailed information to the prospective tenants about the property through advertising medium or any other possible source of media.
  • Screening of the tenant: By performing a background check to verify identity, income, credit history etc. Wemark helps in finding & selecting the best tenants.
  • Collection of rent: It is our duty to collect the rent on time on behalf of our investors. If any tenant is not able to pay the rent, Wemark imposes the late fees.
  • Timely inspecting the property: We send the reports to the owner stating the condition of the property. We inspect the property inside & outside periodically to identify any repair needs to be required, safety hazards etc.
  • Moving out of tenant: When the tenant moves out, Wemark the property management checks the condition and provides the feedback to the owner. Also, inform the tenant for the damages made to the property.

Wemark, property management in Adelaide could be beneficial as we:

  • Bring high-quality tenants: Thorough screening provides reliable tenants. Screening helps you in protecting from rental scams and identifying inappropriate background.
  • Shorter the vacancy cycles: We ensure to keep your property filled with reliable tenants. We help you in determining the optimal price as per the location to get the best return on investment.
  • Retaining the better tenants: Being the top property management in Adelaide, we follow retention policy that ensures happy tenants with lengthy stays in your properties.

The proper management could be less stressful for the owners as they don’t have to deal with the people evicting from your property, tenants who wreck your property, rental scams or any kind of paperwork.

The amount of work involved in managing a property and its complexity is immeasurable.

  • Our objective is to take care of the day-to-day tasks and responsibilities of managing a property and enables the landlords to enjoy their freedom.
  • We act as a link between the owner & the tenant and offers the best advice.
  • We have access to National Tenancy Database which helps in identifying the poor rental history of applicants, one of the reasons which make us the best property management in Adelaide.
  • We assist you with the marketing campaign in the property market in Adelaide that can give you the best competitive edge.
  • We try to increase the visibility of your property on certain websites to which landlords do not have an access.

Wemark is a leading & reputed investment property management company in Adelaide. We have an enriched history in helping our clients and generating profits for them, year on year. Property management is not only about coordinating tenancies and rental payments, but more about helping our clients in reaching their financial goals. We work dedicatedly & closely with the property owners regardless of where they are situated. Wemark services are professional, courteous and diligent. We possess in-depth experience in real estate Adelaide including investment, renovations and development of the property. Our professional expertise is skilled and knowledgeable. We strive our best to help you in fulfilling your dream for home, investing in property quickly and efficiently.

Wemark encompasses a wide range of tasks & activities and tries to make your life easy.

Property Management Plans


  • 5.5% on gross taskings
  • No Letting fee
  • No Admin charges
  • No statement fee
  • $100 only for marketing
  • Quarterly inspection only $30
  • 14 Months landlord insuarance for $300 only


  • 5.5% on gross taskings
  • 1.1 weeks of rent as letting fee
  • No Admin charges
  • No statement fee
  • $180 only for marketing
  • Quarterly inspection only $15
  • 14 Months landlord insuarance for $180 only


  • 5.5% on gross taskings
  • 2.2 weeks of rent as letting fee
  • No Admin charges
  • No statement fee
  • Free marketing
  • Free Quarterly inspection
  • 14 Months landlord insuarance for $100 only
  • *Insurance is from property insurance plus